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  Taller: Kanban Essentials

Toni Tassani. eDreams ODIGEO
Steve (Gibbo) Phillips. eDreams ODIGEO

The Kanban method, inspired in Agile, Lean and Theory of Constraints, was described by David J. Anderson in 2010. Initially applied in Software Development currently it is being applied in all industries.

During the workshop we will review all the principles and the practices, as well as real cases. In the end the participants will have the opportunity to build a discuss a Kanban board describing their own work.

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Toni Tassani is a software engineer that currently works at eDreams ODIGEO with a team of Agile Coaches introducing practices and helping teams to improve business agility. He combines this activity with lecturing Agile Topics at La Salle. In the past he has been developer, architect and systems engineer in companies like Oracle, Thomson Reuters and everis.

Steve (Gibbo) Phillips works as an Agile Coach in eDreams ODIGEO, between Barcelona and Alicante. He helps teams to be successful and the whole company in their business agility. In the past he spent 26 years of military Service within the Royal Air Force which concluded with 10 years within Lean/CI Facilitation roles.

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