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RobertFalkowitzconcentricCircleConsulting   Ponencia: Managing the robots that manage services

Robert Falkowitz. Concentric Circle Consulting

The increasing use of robots in our economies is bringing hope and fear to many. Will their jobs change? Will they lose their jobs? Will new jobs be created? How can a robotized economy be sustainable?

Service managers are not immune to this trend. How will the increasing use of robots, and robots of increasing intelligence, impact the services being delivered? And if our services will change, what does this mean for the practices used to manage those services.

By understanding how the future is likely to change, service managers may start to take steps today to get the training they will need, to plan how their careers may evolve and to support strategies in their companies for using robots in the delivery of services.

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Robert S. Falkowitz is the founder and principal consultant of Concentric Circle Consulting, a company specializing in Service Management training and projects. He has practical experience in all phases of IT management, from software development through infrastructure design and package integration. He has also had roles in quality management, strategy and planning. Robert has provided services to companies in the aviation, logistics, pharmaceuticals, telephony, finance and banking industries, amongst others. With a doctorate from the University of Pennsylvania, he had a career in teaching and research at universities such as Yale, Chicago, Emory and Cornell, before entering the commercial sector. He is ITIL V2 qualified at the Manger level, ITIL V3 qualified at the Expert level, and holds the itSMF ISO/IEC 20000 Consultant qualification and was awared priSM's DPSM credential in 2011. Robert has been a member of the board of itSMF Switzerland since 2007, a founding member of the itSMF International Ethics Review Board, the Translation Officer of IPESC, and a member of the itSMF Publishing Editorial Advisory Task Force. A frequently invited lecturer, he is the author of IT Tools for the Business when the Business is IT: Selecting and Implementing IT service management tools, an itSMF International imprint published by TSO in 2011.


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