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  Ponencia: Transition to Innovation - A Way of Thinking & Being
Simone Jo Moore. SJM

It takes imagination, leadership and cultural change to have a creative and innovative future. For that to happen, there is no choice but to evolve or die and that depends on thinking differently and knowing how your leadership makes a difference. New technology is going to continually emerge and that requires any changes you bring in to be sustained for a strong base from which to take the next leap into the future. It starts with synchronising your vision to have an engaged, collaborative culture. Using some lessons from the wild, take on the wisdom from those that have gone before you. Get to know some useful resources and give your innovation meaning.

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Announced as one of the Top 25 Industry Thought Leaders, provoking, interesting and relevant, Simone probes the hearts and minds of what makes business and IT tick and jumpstart people’s thinking to evolve behaviour and actions at any level. Senior Consultant, master trainer, course author, podcast co-host & mentor in various frameworks such as ITIL, DevOps, Resilia and KCS, Simone combines this with her HR and Organisational Change background for a deep leadership experience. You’ll find her actively engaged in the industry and across social media sharing her 20+ years of experience.


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