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Caso Práctico: Implantación y Cultura DevOps en un eCommerce internacional.

David Parra y Carlos García Arano. ZOOPLUS

Ponencia procedente de AGILE18




Presentación en pdf (no sincronizada con el video).
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David: I am a Computer Science Engineer, certified Scrum Master and agile practitioner with 16 years’ experience. Passionate about my profession, I am constantly reading about agile and development techniques and enjoy sharing them with my team.

I also participate in software development local communities because I truly believe that is a fruitful way of sharing knowledge.


Carlos: Several years of experience in security, systems administration, development and entrepeneurship. I became DevOps Engineer when leading the Operations Dept in my co-founded company, as we needed to improve stability, efficiency, delivery and quality for our SaaS services. This shift to the DevOps mindset quickly brought improvements on those areas, making devs and board happier in the process.

I would define myself as analitycal, versatile and curious, trying to understand how it works and how to make it work better. I guess that's why I'm and Open Source and DIY enthusiast.



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