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Robert Falkowitz

Concentric Circle Consulting

   A Maturity Model for Continual Improvement

Robert Falkowitz. Concentric Circle Consulting

Maturity models are commonly available, almost all of which are based on the familiar five or six step progression made known either in CMM or in CobiT. But, from a practical perspective, such models are theoretical descriptions that don't really help an organization to improve. I have seen this happen while advising several organizations wishing to improve their processes in a sustainable way. The result of this experience is a new maturity model I have developed. This model is specifically based on the real issues that individuals and organizations face while trying to improve continually. It has demonstrated its usefulness and has been declared as one of the most useful contributions I have made in the continual improvement initiatives on which I have worked.

With his long experience in coaching, training and solution development, Robert Falkowitz is the General Manager of Concentric Circle Consulting, based in Switzerland. Active in revitalizing the Swiss chapter of which he was a board member responsible for best practices, Robert has also been a founding member of the itSMF International International Ethics Review Board; a member of the EMEA Credential Services Committee of the priSM Institute; a member of the itSMF International Editorial Advisory Taskforce and the Translations Officer of the itSMF International Publications Executive Committee. He has represented itSMF International at JTC1 for ISO/IEC 20000. He is certified as an ITIL Expert, an ITIL Trainer, an ISO/IEC 20000 Consultant and a Lean Kanban Coach. Robert has an A.B. magna cum laude from Brown University and a Ph.D. with distinction from the University of Pennsylvania.


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