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¿Cuanto valen años de experiencia negociando contratos? Ahora puedes adquirir la experiencia de años de profesión por el precio de unos libros.

Si quieres convertirte en un experto en Outsourcing y Gestión de Contratos te presentamos la solución: hemos incorporado a nuestra tienda online una nueva colección de libros en dónde te explicarán como llegar a serlo. Un regalo ideal para las fechas en las que nos encontramos, así que no lo pienses más y añádelos en la carta para sus Majestades los Reyes Magos.

A continuación mostramos una breve descripción de los libros que recomendamos:

Contract and Commercial Management - The Operational Guide (Disponible también en versión eBook)


This practical guidance is designed to support practitioners through the contract lifecycle and to give both 'supply' and 'buy' perspectives, leading to a more consistent approach and language that supports greater efficiency and effectiveness. Within the five phases described in this book (Initiate, Bid, Development, Negotiate and Manage), readers will find invaluable guidance on the whole lifecycle with insights to finance, law and negotiation, together with dispute resolution, change control and risk management. This title is the official IACCM operational guidance and fully supports and aligns with the course modules for Certification.

Implementing Strategic Sourcing (english version) (Disponible también en versión eBook)
This informative, comprehensive, yet practical guide provides readers with a complete tool-kit of how to approach global sourcing successfully.

Based on real world experiences on implementing and sustaining global sourcing the book provides readers with key guidance on:

- Foundations of Strategic Sourcing

- Management, risk, governance and legal considerations
- Organizational change, innovation and relationship management
- Transition planning and the end-game

- Successful principles for new business development from a service provider perspective
- Future trends, summary and lessons learned

Outsourcing Professional Body of Knowledge (english version)

Outsourcing is here to stay. It is inextricably linked to the globalization of business. International trade networks continue to connect the world's economies and organizations increasingly turn to partners, often through outsourcing, to help them:

- Better leverage what they are best at gain greater flexibility and reach
- Drive down their overall business costs and risks.

eSourcing Capability Models (eSCM-Set) (english version)

Since its inception in 2000, the Information Technology Services Qualification Center (ITSqc),, has established standards for companies that provide services such as IT operations, applications development and management, back office operations, engineering design, payroll and telemarketing support, as well as for companies that purchase those services.

The ITSqc Series is a range of titles that brings readers and users these ITSqc best practices; they are currently used world-wide by companies who wish to access the combined wisdom of ITSqc, major IT sourcing firms, clients and advisors. The series includes the acclaimed eSCM models which provide best practice guidance on e-sourcing and a means to evaluate and improve service delivery, reduce risks and assess the value of the sourced services.

Titles in this set include:
  • eSourcing Capability Model for Service Providers (eSCM-SP)
  • eSourcing Capability Model for Client Organisations (eSCM-CL)

Recuerde que itSMF pone a su disposición una ámplia selección de publicaciones cubriendo areas cómo:
Infraestructura y gestión de servicio de TI (IT infrastructure and Service Management), Gestión de Seguridad de Sistemas de Información (IS Security Management), Gestión de planificación y proyectos (Programme and Project Management), Calidad (Quality) y otros temas relacionados, en nuestra tienda online.

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