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How Lean and Agile can your Service Desk be?

Vladimir Ivanov. Owner ITSM LLC

Ponencia de los Congresos Virtuales itSMF

Agile methods have revolutionized the way Software Development is done and Lean manufacturing have infected IT people's mindset. The "virus" is spreading all over the whole IT Service Management "body", affecting Service Desk function largely.

This is an effort to coin understanding of Agile and Lean principles from the perspective of Service Desk function and summarize implications on everyday's work. Some applicable designs of the Kanban boards will be discussed and could serve as a basis of your own experiments.


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Vladimir, is consultant and trainer in Project Management and IT Service Management, IPMA-B and ITIL Expert certified. Board member at International Project Management Association Latvia, IPMA 4 level certification system assessor and active member of regional itSMF society. Teaching Programme and Project Portfolio Management for masters in Project Management.

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